Paws4Wellness A happy and healthy pet starts with a plan!

Why Paws4Wellness is right for you & your pet:

  • Partnership: Our personalized Paws4Wellness plans are developed in partnership between you and your veterinarian -pets can’t tell us when something is wrong. We work closely with pet parents to make sure we keep your pets happy and healthy!
  • Necessary preventative care: Our plans provide the necessary care for your pets based upon their needs, age and lifestyle. We start every plan with a one-on-one consultation with our veterinarians this way you can be sure you’re getting the right plan for your furry family member!
  • Happy, healthy pets: Our plans include exams, vaccinations and are easily adapted to keep pace with the needs of your pets as they grow. Regular testing and examinations help find and treat issues before they become serious and harder to address.
  • Reliable: Pets get a dependable year-long schedule of care and you get a convenient monthly payment.