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As careful and secure as one may be with their pets, accidents are inevitable and you may find yourself with a lost pet. Whether your pet escapes from a slightly open door or window or from digging their way out, a collar and ID tag can only do so much provided it doesn’t fall off or somehow get removed. Fortunately for the residents of Phillipsburg, our compassionate staff at Warren Animal Hospital can help resolve with resolving this issue by implanting microchips into your furry companions.

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Microchips & How They Work

A microchip is a tiny chip inserted under the surface of your pet’s skin. This chip contains electronics that are encoded with an unalterable identification code designated only to your loved one. Once implanted, the microchip must be registered with your contact information to validate the device and make sure you can reunite with your pet in case of any emergency.

If your pet happens to get lost, a shelter or animal hospital will scan for possible microchips. Their scanner device will emit radio wavelengths that will activate the microchip and give the veterinarian/ animal care provider the contact information necessary to reach out to you. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a tracking device, but rather a permanent ID marker that stores information more securely than a collar with an ID tag.

Microchip Procedure

Implanting a microchip in your pet is simple and safe, and rarely ever requires anesthesia or any other form of sedation. The only discomfort your beloved companion will feel is a slight pinch that desensitizes their skin for the injection. Once the chip is inserted, one final pinch is rendered to ensure the microchip does not slip out of place meanwhile the needle is being withdrawn. Following the procedure, our friendly staff can assist with the registration process to make sure that everything is set and you and your pet are secured with your new microchip. It is recommended that excessive activity/exercise is limited for at least 24 hours after receiving the microchip to allow the coating of the device to accurately bond with the inner lining of your pet’s skin.

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