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Health Screening Tests in Phillipsburg

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At Warren Animal Hospital, our comprehensive health screenings help us detect and treat conditions or illnesses early on. Our high-caliber laboratory exams play a crucial role in diagnosing potential problems your pet might be experiencing. This is simply because our pets unfortunately are unable to audibly tell us what is causing them discomfort. That's where lab work can provide life-saving information! It notifies us of any concerning abnormalities and concerns that may need addressing.

There are many diseases and degenerative conditions we can screen for. If you are looking for additional health screening tests, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our veterinarians on your next visit.

For more information about health screening tests available at Warren Animal Hospital, please call (908) 258-6339 or contact us online.

Health Screening Tests Provided

During your pet’s annual check-up, some of the wellness screenings provided can include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) - This test is able to analyze and measure the blood cells and platelets within your furry family member. This type of screening can detect signs of certain illnesses such as inflammation, anemia, allergies, parasites, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, thyroid diseases, and leukemia, among other conditions.
  • Biochemical profile (chem panel) - These exams evaluate liver, kidney, and pancreas health, in addition to electrolyte measurements. Chem panels can also provide information about whether your pet may have diabetes.
  • Urinalysis - Your pet, much like humans, can also get a urine analysis to examine their kidney function, as well as to detect any foreign bodily material such as bacteria or blood cells. This kind of test can help check for any indications of diabetes, liver disease, prostate cancer, and chronic kidney disease prevalent among the feline population.
  • Heartworm Testing - As you may already know, heartworms are parasitic worms that can leave drastic and even deadly consequences on your pet. As advised by the American Heartworm Society, your pet should be tested annually for this disease to best optimize their safety and longevity.
  • Oral Examination - Because your pet most likely does not brush their teeth as regularly as you do, it is imperative that their oral health is examined regularly. Plaque build-up can cause your pet’s teeth to decay, further leading to bad breath, pain during chewing, and even tooth loss.

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To ensure that your beloved companion is as healthy as can be, it is recommended that you bring your pet in at least once a year to help detect any complications or diseases earlier much rather than when they have caused irreversible damage.

To make an appointment for a medical assessment or pet health test screening in Phillipsburg, please call (908) 258-6339 or contact us online.

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