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Veterinary Wellness & Preventative Medicine in Phillipsburg

Protect & Preserve Your Pet’s Long-Term Health

Our staff at Warren Animal Hospital is committed to maintain your pet happy and healthy throughout their entire lifetime. Routine wellness examinations and preventive medications help our animal patients enjoy the highest quality of life they can possibly experience. To ensure your pet’s health, it is recommended to take them to their vet for a wellness checkup at least once per year.

Preventative care can include:

Since each and every pet is unique in their own way, we will take our time and work with your loved one to customize their wellness protocol and determine which preventative measures must be taken. Please call us to learn more about how we strive to keep the pets of our community as safe and healthy as can be.

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Wellness Checkups For Pets of All Ages

Preventative & Wellness Care for Puppies

The first months of a pet’s life are very significant for their development, and we at Warren Animal Hospital can offer you the proper tools and support required to aid him or her in growing into a well-behaved and healthy member of the family. Because your baby pet is prone to a lot of serious yet preventable diseases, it is imperative that you schedule them to get their first set of vaccinations at your earliest convenience. We also provide valuable advice and information regarding behavior, nutrition, and training tips.

Wellness Recommendations for Adult Pets

As pets grow older, they necessitate more attentive and specialized care. Early diagnosis of certain illnesses and diseases is no doubt essential throughout your pet’s entire life, but it becomes more important during their senior years, when the risks of conditions and illnesses can be even more damaging at their delicate age.

We encourage pet owners to bring in their beloved family members to get a baseline exam/screening to record average or normal readings of certain vitals to look out for any discrepancies in the future. Our senior wellness program at Warren Animal Hospital ensures that your pet is on the healthiest track to living out their golden years with as little complications as possible.

Protect Your Pet's Wellness in Phillipsburg

Adequate preventative care for pets can help preserve their health for years to come. After all, pets are family and by using our multi-faceted approach to overall veterinary wellness - we're able to prevent some diseases and address risk factors before they get out of control. Our Philipsburg veterinarians utilize preventative medicine to ensure your dog or cat live a long, healthy life. To schedule your pet's physical evaluation, run routine bloodwork, or plan a dental cleaning - contact our team today.

Find out more information on preserving your pet's overall wellness by giving us a call at (908) 258-6339 today.

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