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Soft Tissue Surgery in Phillipsburg

Procedures from Qualified Veterinary Surgeons

In addition to spay and neutering services, our office in Phillipsburg offers a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures for the rehabilitation and amelioration of your loved one. Soft tissue surgical procedures include those that are not cardiac, orthopedic (relating to the bones and joints), or neurologic surgeries.

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Pet Surgical Services Available

Some of the soft tissue surgeries available at Warren Animal Hospital are:

  • Tumor removal such as oncologic (cancerous), bone, skin, oral, nasal, neck, abdominal, endocrine/glandular, and thoracic tumors.
  • Urogenital surgical procedures, including (partial) cystectomy, urethral stenting, and urethrostomy procedures.
  • Complete removals such as splenectomies or mastectomies (for treating conditions such as mammary neoplasia or inflammatory carcinoma.
  • Bladder and/or gastrointestinal issues including removing foreign objects, incising or completely removing infected/diseased portions of certain organs, and removal of bladder stones and polyps.
  • Upper airway and airflow correction for certain dog species affected by specific nasal abnormalities, persistent ear infections, or other forms of conditions.
  • Surgery related to the cornea and even eyelashes that can prohibit your pet from seeing to the best of their ability.

Please contact us at (908) 258-6339 if you’d like to discuss how our Phillipsburg veterinary soft tissue surgery might be able to help your pet.

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