Healthy Start A happy and healthy pet starts with a plan!

Healthy Start for Puppies

One Time Enrollment Fee of $50.00 | Monthly Payment Starting at $43.00

Healthy Start

Your Plan Details:

Bi-annual comprehensive wellness exams

Fecal screening to help detect worms, parasites, and other health issues

2 Deworming Treatments

All necessary vaccinations as recommended by your veterinarian

4 additional office visits

2 complimentary nail trims

Diagnostic testing

10% member discount on preventatives

10% member discount on additional vaccines as needed

We start every plan with a one-on-one consultation to review plan details and any treatment recommendations the doctor may have for your pet. Your veterinarian will discuss options that fit your pets needs such a spay, neuter and microchipping. This way you can be sure you’re getting the right plan for your furry family member!

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